Don M. Franco

Don Franco is, in many ways, an American success story. The product of a broken family, he was raised in the type of impoverishment that hinders and destroys the promise of so many potentially productive African-American youth. Yet instead of becoming another casualty of the inner city, Don overcame to become a college graduate, a successful businessman and a happily married man for 38 years.

Don was raised in Linden, NJ. His parents separated when he was one, leaving his mother to raise him and his older sister in a one-bedroom apartment. Though his mom did an admirable job of providing Don with a strong sense of values, Don could not escape the emotional pain of growing up fatherless and poor. Like many youngsters stuck in a complex situation, Don many times felt inadequate.

Nonetheless, his mother’s emphasis on education paid off, and Don became an honor society student. He also was a star basketball player, earning a scholarship to Oak Hill Academy in Virginia and later finishing his high school career at Linden High School as New Jersey’s “Player of the Year.” Don attended Virginia Commonwealth University, the recipient of a four-year basketball scholarship.

While Don’s college basketball career was not as successful as he had hoped, he did graduate from college with a business degree. During his time in college, he also married his best friend and love, Twyla. The couple now lives in New Jersey with their four children.

Armed with ambition and a college education, Don became an award-winning pharmaceutical salesman. He has worked with some of the most valued companies in the world through various sales, marketing and training positions. Don is now looking to use his life experiences along with his business skills to provide empowerment to the African-American community.

Don is also an Associate Pastor at CCChurch Family Worship Center in Union, New Jersey, and the author of the book, “The Ten-Talent Servant And The Transfer of Wealth” available at:

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