The FAMDO Way: A Social Entrepreneur’s Faithfulness offers a revolutionary approach to financial empowerment for the Black community. Author Don M. Franco shares his proactive plan where African Americans leverage their collective spending power to build better communities, strengthen their youth, monitor mainstream media and corporations, and secure a brighter future for all African Americans.

“Don Franco’s voice is powerful and poignant. Don’t miss his book, The FAMDO Way: A Social Entrepreneur’s Faithfulness!” – Dr. Cornel West, Professor, Princeton University

“Don Franco speaks with a pure heart. His message of economic empowerment is one that’s often mentioned but rarely detailed, explored and explained. Franco does that in The FAMDO Way: A Social Entrepreneur’s Faithfulness and everyone who reads it is better and smarter for it.” – Chris Broussard, Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine

“I commend Don for writing this important book on economic development in the Black community. While the country is experiencing a 10 percent unemployment rate, for Black men, the rate is nearly 40 percent. No one is going to address this issue but us.” – Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, Author, Reducing the Black Male Dropout Rate

“Don Franco has designed a necessary and vital plan to revitalize the minds and pocketbooks of Black communities in America. Like an architect, he laid a solid foundation upon which the Black community can build empires collectively.” – Cathleen Williams, RN, Esq., TV Talk Show Host, I’m Just Saying!







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  1. Daniel Gibson

    Don Franco is on a mission to help revolutionize the way, we as African Americans, do business and conduct ourselves. He has a heart for young men and women and a desire to see today’s youth look beyond the image being portrayed by popular rappers and entertainers and focus on the important things in life.

    After extensive research and experience in both the business arena and life, Don Franco has put together an excellent resource for all who are interested in bettering themselves and the community in which they live in.

    The Famdo Way: A Social Entrepreneuer’s Faithfulness touches on a number of relevant topics that affect the African American community from the youth up to adults and provides a blueprint to overcome them. This is a labor of love from Don Franco and he is committed to getting the word out against all odds. The goal is to get businesses owned by us back into our communities and see them prosper and give back.

    This book is a must-read. Also get one for the young people in your life so they can begin to look at things from a different angle. The statistics are not looking good for African Americans in education and business but unless we begin to work together and take action nothing will change.

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