What Ever Happened to FUBU?

By FAMDO, Inc. | March 26, 2018

  For Us, By Us…what a concept! Daymond John, the genius behind the clothing line FUBU, started the company after realizing that others were neglecting the untapped urban market. FUBU’s entry into the clothing marketstarted when Daymond began to manufacture “tie-top” hats which he sold on the streets of his hometown of Hollis, Queens. With […]

Open letter to Stephen A. Smith (of ESPN) regarding Colin Kaepernick

By FAMDO, Inc. | March 26, 2018

Dear Stephen A: Being a sports fan, I enjoy watching your debates on ESPN’s “First Take” when I can. I also respect you for your adroit coverage of the National Basketball Association (NBA) for more than 20 years, and your rise in the media world to arguably become the face of a multi-billion-dollar division of […]

The real legacy of Dr. King

By FAMDO, Inc. | March 26, 2018

As I explore issues facing African-Americans in our country, I sporadically listen to some of the conservative radio talk shows to hear their views. On one of the stations, I noticed that whenever African-Americans call-in and raise questions or offer comments about the racial inequalities that still exist in our country, the host consistently asked […]